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#761: «DFS»
[A man with wet hair and a towel around his waist thinks with his hand to his chin.]
Man: (What situations might I prepare for? 1) medical emergency, 2) dancing, 3) food too expensive...)

[Close-up on man's face.]
Man: (Okay, what kind of emergencies can happen? 1)A) snakebite, B) lightning strike, C) fall from chair...)

[Still thinking...]
Man: (Hmm. Which snakes are dangerous? Let's see... 1)A)a) Corn Snake? b) Garter Snake? c) Copperhead?)

[Sits down in a chair with a laptop, still wearing towel.]
Man: (The research comparing snake venoms is scattered and inconsistent. I'll make a spreadsheet to organize it.)

(Bottom panel is larger than top four, and aligned to right.)
[A woman meets the man on his front stoop. She is carrying a purse, and looks down at his towel. The man holds his arms in the air triumphantly.]
Woman: I'm here to pick you up. You're not dressed?
Man: By LDsub50, the Inland Taipan has the deadliest venom of ANY snake! 

Caption: I really need to stop using depth-first searches.

A breadth-first search makes a lot of sense for dating in general, actually; it suggests dating a bunch of people casually before getting serious, rather than having a series of five-year relationships one after the other.