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#219: «Blanket Fort»
[Two girls are talking with each other.  There is a fort made of cushions and blankets on the left]
First Girl: Like my fort? It uses every blanket and cushion in the apartment.
Second Girl: Okay, no offense, but this is like that ball pit you made -- Cute, but don't you worry you're clinging to childhood games because you're afraid of change?
First Girl: No. I'm happy to grow up. But I won't pretend fun things aren't still fun out of fear of looking silly.
Second Girl: But you're 24 and building blanket forts. How have you changed? What's adult about that?
First Girl: Well, there's my boyfriend curled up in the back.
Second Girl: ...Ah.
Boyfriend [from inside the fort]:Excuse my shyness.  I'm not exactly dressed.
Also, we have a fort out in the woods where we stashed that hooker's body.