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#1894: «Real Estate»
[Ponytail and Cueball sit in office chairs on either side of a desk. Ponytail looks at a piece of paper she is holding in her hand, more papers lie on the table. Cueball sits with his hands in his lap, thinking in a thought bubble before he replies to her remark.]
Ponytail: The sellers offer to drop their price by $10,000 and cover the driveway repairs.
Cueball [thinking]: These are all staggeringly large amounts of money that I have no idea how to even think about, let alone compare.
Cueball [speaking]: Tempting. We'll need a few hours to consider it.

[Caption below the panels:]
Me in any financial negotiation.

I tried converting the prices into pizzas, to put it in more familiar terms, and it just became a hard-to-think-about number of pizzas.