фото текст
#1689: «My Friend Catherine»
[Captions above the frame:]
New favorite substitution:
My Cat→My Friend Catherine

[A news feed with comments by six different people discussing their cat, but after the above substitution. Next to each post is a user image, and above the clear text of the substituted comment is a unreadable line of wiggles probably with information about the post time stamp.]

[A head shot of a person seen straight on with black hair:]
My friend Catherine just did a backflip and then ate a bug!

[A full view of Cueball:]
I wish my friend Catherine wouldn't wake me up by chewing on my hair.

[A head shot of Megan with unreadable text below the image:]
Oh no, my friend Catherine has learned to open the refrigerator.

[A head shot seen from the side of a person with a knit cap and short black hair below the cap:]
My friend Catherine just walked in, threw up on the rug, and walked out.

[A head shot of Ponytail:]
My friend Catherine is looking out the window making weird noises at the birds.

[Cueball seen from the torso and up:]
I wish my friend Catherine wouldn't make eye contact with me while pooping.

I can't get any work done because my friend Catherine is sitting on my keyboard.