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I love reading the Wikipedia talk pages for articles on individual cites

[A list of contents for a Wikipedia talk page regarding an article about a city. Except for the header and the square brackets, which are written in black text, the rest is in a blue font.]Contents [hide]

1 Origin of city's name?1.1 Idea for a better name
1.2 Not how Wikipedia works

2 Too much promotion of the lake festival
3 Should we mention the murders?3.1 Not that notable
3.2 All cites have murders

4 Quote verification:  Even if Voltaire did visit (unlikely), why would he get so angry about our restaurants?
5 Discuss:  New picture5.1 Current one looks awfully bleak
5.2 Gray sky
5.3 What about this
5.4 Also bleak
5.5 Maybe this place just looks that way
5.6 Found a better picture, more colorful
5.7 That's a shot from Disney's Zootopia

6 "Mining disasters" section too long6.1 Not really Wikipedia's fault
6.2 Why is this town so bad at mining?

7 Infobox picture:  I just realized you can see a murder happening in the background7.1 This city is terrible
7.2 Photoshopped out murder
7.3 Can someone just take a better picture
7.4 Okay, uploaded a new picture
7.5 Wait, never mind, I just noticed there's a murder in this one, too

8 1982 secession still in effect?
9 I think the murderer is reverting my edits
10 Why does this article take any position on correct condom use, let alone such a weird and ambiguous one?
11 Train station "Designed by Andrew Lloyd Webber"?11.1 They probably mean Frank Lloyd Wright
11.2 I thought so too, but it's apparently not a mistake
11.3 Didn't know he did architecture
11.4 Roof collapse

I don't think the Lakeshore Air Crash Museum really belongs under 'Tourist Attractions.' It's not a museum--it's just an area near the Lake Festival Laser Show where a lot of planes have crashed.