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#1651: «Robotic Garage»
[Black Hat points left while talking to Cueball inside his small car.]
Black Hat: Just pull onto the receiving platform.
Cueball: Cool-I've always wanted to try one of these futuristic robotic garages.

[Cueball has driven the car onto a platform in front of a stop to the left. He is just walking of the platform towards Black Hat.]

[Zoom out reveals a robotic crane arm, that sits on top of the stop from the previous panel, which turns out to be a huge platform for this robot arm. The robotic arm picks up the car with its two fingers and lifts it into the air with a finger on the hood and the other below the car. Black Hat and Cueball look on.]
Cueball: Um.

[This panel pans over to the center of the robotic arm, to reveal a large bin with a label to the robots left. The robot arm holds the car almost straight up in the air, but over the bin.]
Label: Cars

[The robotic arm open up to release the car which crashes down into the bin, a sound already emanating from it when the rear end of the car (with one wheel still showing) is still visible.]
Car: Crunch
Label: Cars

[Zoom back to Black Hat and Cueball standing at the end of the empty platform.]
Black Hat: We'll dump out the bin when you get back and you can pick out your car from the pile.
Cueball: Can you at least make sure it's not on the bottom
Black Hat: Look, robots aren't magic.

But listen, if getting your car out from under the pile is REALLY important to you, we do have an axe you can borrow.