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#1625: «Substitutions 2»
[Caption above the panel:]
More Substitutions
That make reading the news more fun
[A table of words / sentences on the left. Between each set of words there is a gray arrow pointing from the right.]
Debate ➜ Dance-off
Self driving ➜ Uncontrollably swerving
Poll ➜ Psychic reading
Candidate ➜ Airbender
Drone ➜ Dog
Vows to ➜ Probably will not
At large ➜ Very large
Successfully ➜ Suddenly
Expands ➜ Physically expands
First / second / third-degree ➜ Friggin 'awful
An unknown number ➜ Like hundreds
Front runner ➜ Blade runner
Global ➜ Spherical
Years ➜ Minutes
Minutes ➜ Years
No indication ➜ Lots of signs
Urged restraint by ➜ Drunkenly egged on
Horsepower ➜ Tons of horsemeat 
Within a few minutes, our roads will be full of uncontrollably-swerving cars and our skies full of Amazon delivery dogs.