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#1497: «New Products»
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Title: Predicting the success or failure of a new product, based on what engineers and programmers are saying about it.

If they say it doesn't do anything new, or why would anyone want that: it means the product will be a gigantic success.

If they say it's really exciting! or I've already preordered one: the product will be a flop. years later, its ideas will show up in something successful.

If they say wait, are you talking about <unfamiliar person's name>'s new project?: the product could be a scam and may result in arrests or lawsuits.

If they say I would never put <company> in charge of managing my <whatever>: within five years, they will.

If you ever hear "Wait, is that Kim Dotcom's new project? I'm really excited about it and already signed up, although I'm a little nervous about whether everyone should hand over control of their medical...", it's time to dig a bunker in your backyard.