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#1463: «Altitude»
[An astronomy building is surrounded by trees.  Inside it, someone is talking.]
Because of low oxygen, astronomers working at high altitude telescopes may need to write down their plans ahead of time while at sea level.
Astronomer: Ok, let's head up to the observatory.

[Astronomers are in a van, driving swiftly up a hill.]
Astronomer: When we reach the summit, we'll check the iodine cell and do a general calibration.
Second astronomer: Sounds good.

[The van reaches the top of the hill and parks in a flat area, near some telescope domes.  The astronomers are still inside it.]
Astronomer: My head feels funny.
Second astronomer: Look at those telescope domes.
Astronomer: Maybe we should tape them down.

[The voices of the astromers have moved into one of the telescope domes.]
Second astronomer: Haha, look at this mirror!  My face is huge!
Astronomer: I see your face in the telescope! I discovered you!
Second astronomer: Let's make out!