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#1454: «Done»
[A woman with dark curly hair is sitting at a desk, typing on a laptop.]
Curly: (typing) I had started to think I was asking too much, that I needed to settle. And then I found you half a world away.

[Close-up on Curly.]
Curly: (typing) I've been saving money. Six months from now, I'll be able to fly you here and support us for a while.

[Same as first panel.]
Curly: (typing) It's a long wait, but we'll talk every day until then. May this won't work out, but I want to try. What do you think?

[She stops typing.]
ERROR: Your message could not be sent.
ERROR: No connection.

[A light-haired woman with a ponytail walks in.]
Curly: Why can't I connect?
Ponytail: Someone saw a ridiculous video and said, "That's it, shut down the internet, we're done." So they did.

[Looks sadly down at the laptop, hands in her lap.]
Curly: ...but... I wasn't done.

I'm sorry, but the author of this Facebook comment clearly believes you were.