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#1437: «Higgs Boson»
Offscreen: Tell us about your proposal.
Ponytail: We're requesting $3 billion in funding to find the Higgs boson.

Offscreen: ...wait. Didn't you already find it a year or two ago?
Cueball: Yes, well, um.

Ponytail: ...OK, this is embarrassing.
Cueball: See, the thing is—

Offscreen: Don't tell us you lost it already.
Ponytail: Look.
Ponytail: In our defense, it's really small.

'Can't you just use the LHC you already built to find it again?' 'We MAY have disassembled it to build a death ray.' 'Just one, though.' 'Nothing you should worry about.' 'The death isn't even very serious.'