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#1434: «Where Do Birds Go»
[The comic is separated into three sections, with Cueball and Megan having a discussion in the first section, websites found through Google search results depicted in the second, and a bird depicted in the third.]

[First Section - Cueball is sitting at his computer.]

Cueball: "Where do birds go when it rains?" is my new favorite Google search.
Megan [off screen]: Why?

Cueball: It gives the answer, but also shows you an endless torrent of other people asking the same question. Pages and pages of them across regions and cultures.
[Megan enters the frame and shows interest in the computer.]

Cueball: I love the idea that somehow this is the universal question, the thing that unites us. When it rains, we wonder where the birds go, and hope they're staying dry.

[Second Section - A collage of screen snippets.]

[Third section - A bird on a wire fence.]

[A bird sits on a wire fence with no rain falling.]

[Zoomed in on the bird as it looks at a rain drop splashing on the fence wire.]

[Zoomed out on the bird looking at the rain as it increases in intensity.]

[The bird flies down to an small smart-phone-shaped object lying on the ground, as the rain increases in intensity even more.]

[The bird lands on the object, with puddles increasing in size around the object.]

[The bird pecks at the object, ostensibly typing.] W... H... E... R... E... D... O... B... I... R... D... S... 

Water/ice has a lot of weird phases. Maybe asking 'where do birds go when it rains' is like asking 'where does Clark Kent go whenever Superman shows up?'