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#1176: «Those Not Present»
Every time someone says something negative about a person who's not in the room, I scoot my chair back a few inches. 

[We see four figures sitting around on a table, talking and drinking. Figure 4 is scooting his chair back.]
Figure 1: *He's* not so bad, but his friends...
<<Scoot scoot>>

[Figure 4 us now quite a way away from the table.]
Figure 3: ... His band is never gonna take off if...
<<Scoot scoot>

[The table is now out of view from the left side of the panel. Three more figures are sitting on the floor to the right, with drinks and talking.]
Offscreen from the table: Yeah, his sister is even weirder. Did you see she had...
<<Scoot scoot>
Figure 7: ... And there's a video, but it's blurry...

[Figure 4 is now up to the new group. He leans back over his chair.]
Figure 4: What're you talking about? 
Figure 5: Giant squid! 
Figure 4: Mind if I join you? 

'Yeah, that squid's a total asshole.' [scoot scoot]