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#1092: «Michael Phelps»
[Two people standing outside their en-Phelps-ified swimming pool]
Person 1: Why is Michael Phelps in your backyard pool?
Person 2: I don't know. He's been there all day.  Go home, Michael!
Michael Phelps: Woo! 18 gold medals!

[The two people break out a pair of pool nets and unsuccessfully try to snag Phelps]
Person 1: Can you get him?
Person 2: He's so *fast*!
Phelps: Ha hah! Can't catch me! <<Splash splash>>

[One person heads off to fetch something]

[Person returns with a hand truck full of jello mix]
Phelps: Oh crap.

[shortly] ... he ate ALL of it!?