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#1040: «Lakes and Oceans»
[A Map of lakes and oceans showing the depths of various lakes and ocean attributes.]

Lakes and Oceans Depths and animal/ship/boat lengths are to scale; horizontal distance is not.

Fun Fact: The Edmund Fitzgerald, The Kursk, and The Lusitania all sank in water shallower than they were long.

 Edmund Fitzgerald
 Lake Superior
 Lake Michigan
 Lake Huron
 Lake Erie
 Lake Ontario
 Death Valley
 Great Slave Lake Crater
 Lake Loch Ness
 Lake Baikal
 Burj Khalifa
 Seawise Giant (largest ship ever)
 Free-diving depth record Andrea Gail (probably)
 Scuba record
 Bike tires go flat Pressure at this depth would force water up a household faucet
 Emperor penguin
 Ohio-class nuclear sub depth limit
 Typhoon-class nuclear sub depth limit
 Blue whale
 Leatherback turtle
 Deepwater horizion
 Dead sea
  Soviet project to try to drill through the Earth's crust to the mantle just to see what would happen. Russians are awesome.
 Chilean mine collapse
 miner refuge Sperm whales dive this deep (they come up covered in wounds and sucker marks, so presumably there are big squid down here? ... man, we know nothing about the ocean.)
 Mid-ocean ridge
 Titanic (sunk bow & stern)
 Abyssal plain
 Alvin depth limit
 David Bowie & Freddie Mercury
 Puerto Rico
 Trench Milwaukee
 Deep Marianas
 Trench Challenger
 Deep Mysterious door which James Cameron built his sub to reach and open. He will not say what he found within.
 Mauna Kea, Hawaii (accurate horizontal scale)
 Marianas trench
James Cameron has said that he didn't know its song would be so beautiful. He didn't close the door in time. He's sorry.